Socks Winter Siltex 0900313
  • Socks Winter Siltex 0900313
  • Socks Winter Siltex 0900313
  • Socks Winter Siltex 0900313

Socks Winter Siltex 0900313

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Thanks to its unique zoned construction, the  Ski Socks  are designed for advanced and  beginners fans of winter sports. the socks perfectly adheres to the leg and foot of the skier / snowboarder, giving us a feeling of comfort. Even in very tightly-fitting shoes, it does not rub the skin. heel, instep and achilles are strengthened to protect the most sensitive areas, giving adequate cushion while ride.


Ventilation ducts provide excellent air circulation and drain the resulting the moisture on the outer layers of the sock. The sock is thermoactive, wicks moisture to the outer layers, which means that our feet are always dry, even when increased and prolonged ride on the slope, providing exceptional comfort. It also contains Cotton fibers, which ensures adequate warmth to our feet.


Siltex gives the sock antibacterial properties due to the content of Ag + ions. During use, no odours arise, even after a day of sharp skiing on the slope.


Ski socks are designed for both women and men.


Specialist polyester fibers contain in their core JONY SILVER. Thanks to the presence of Ag + ions, socks have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odour properties.


- ADVANTAGES of the Socks:

- Pressure-free, perfectly-fitting welt

- Elastic parts around the ankle perfectly hold the sock on the foot

- Additional layer frotte anti-chafing

- excellent thermal properties:

- No seams, no pressure


Each pair is packed in a special bag in which we recommend washing socks.