Boat socks (siltex) orange
  • Boat socks (siltex) orange
  • Boat socks (siltex) orange


6,83 €

Socks with Coolmax fibers contain a silver-based antimicrobial core,

preventing the development of bacteria responsible for sweat odours. 

Coolmax socks - are designed for active people, but not only. Are also  great for everyday use. High comfort, elegance and attention to details perfectly reflect the character of the socks that you will be satisfied with. Socks ensure care for personal hygiene and comfort. The product is made of the highest quality materials. 


Product description:

  • Double  two-segment welt matches to any shape of legs.
  • socks give  additional protection against chafing and blisters,
  • sock made of fiber Coolmax silver ion Ag + provides antimicrobial protection, additional elastic cuffs (Lycra) positioned in locations that prevent turning  the sock around  when worn
  • flat seam,
  • heel and toe strengthened by Frotte,
  • COOLMAX - polyester fiber that wicks moisture away from the body to the surface of the sock, from which moisture evaporates quickly. Prevents from overheating of the body and provides a pleasant sensation of dryness even during the most intense activities. Coolmax is developed by DuPont modern polyester fiber designed for the production of thermal underwear. 
  • Coolmax fiber construction greatly improves the fiber, compared to the natural fibers (eg. Cotton) breathable and moisture permeability of the body surface. COOLMAX fiber contains a silver-based antibacterial agent. In addition to traditional properties Coolmax prevents the development of unpleasant smell of sweat. 
  • LYCRA -it is a flexible fiber which ensure a perfect fit, comfort, freedom of movement and resistance to creasing.