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Jurassic Bike Black long bibshorts


The most technically advanced Wear-Gear™ Bibshorts offering the latest innovations in design, fabric, comfort and style.

4-way pad Seamless Bioactive High protection Anatomic fic Using Lycra® Power™, these Wear-Gear™ shorts reduce muscle fatigue by compressing your leg muscles and reducing muscle vibration without the loss of energy transfer.

The 4-way insert offers comfort for long days in the saddle.

The WearGear 4-way insert is specifically designed to transfer moisture away from the skin to keep you dry.

Lycra® Power™ - the power to improve competitive edge. Lycra® Power™ fabrics are a revolutionary breakthrough in sports apparel. For both trained professionals and the more casual sports lover, Lycra® Power™ improves performance by as much as 30% for men and women. How does it work? Garments made with Lycra® Power™ fabrics are designed to reduce muscle vibration, a major cause of muscle fatigue. They also improve the feedback between the body and the brain, increasing accuracy and efficiency of movement - essential in sports that require a high level of reflexive response. In a five-year research program conducted at the Centre for Sports Medicine at Pennsylvania State University (1991-1995), results showed that all types of fatigue (strength, endurance, and power) was significantly reduced by wearing garments with Lycra® Power™ fabric. Findings indicated that an athlete's force and power production increases by an average of 12% and 73% of the athletes tested increased the accuracy of their movements and body positioning.

Athletic shorts with Lycra® Power™ fabric contain a minimum of 20% Lycra® fiber, providing optimum stretch with minimum weight. Properly designed garments completely cover the thigh, from the hip to just above the knee, providing gentle muscle compression.

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