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Superroubaix® Fondo men's cycling trousers

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Advantages of trousers:

trousers with suspenders made of the amazing SuperRoubaix® material

cut ideally suited for cycling on colder days

elements made of the flexible Stop Wind membrane

3M reflective elements on the legs

anatomically profiled antibacterial insert from the Italian company LaFonte - Record Carbon

raw material composition: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

The Record Carbon insert is a professional insert used in cycling shorts. Thanks to the different density and thickness of individual insert fragments and their appropriate profiling, the most optimal support for appropriate body parts is achieved, which increases driving comfort. Its excellent stretchability in all four directions helps to optimally adapt the insert to the cyclist's movements. The bioactive silver ions contained in the insert material inhibit the growth of bacterial flora and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors. However, the complete lack of seams means that the insert does not cause irritation.

Super Roubaix® is our winter version of LYCRA material. A real milestone in brushed fabric technology for colder temperatures. This unique material was invented and developed by scientists from M.I.T.I., immediately gaining huge popularity. For many years, Super Roubaix® has remained an unrivaled, highly valued material that is already well recognized by athletes from many countries. Due to its high special construction, this material provides great, long-lasting comfort and fantastic thermal properties. The velvet bottom of this fabric provides warmth and insulation, and also has a beneficial effect on muscle function. Super Roubaix® has a special finish such as Teflon or advanced Teflon, which makes this material extremely durable and resistant to deformation. The knowledge and experience of M.I.T.I. have made Super Roubaix® a unique and desirable element of the collection of every major sportswear manufacturer.

BLIZZARD Thermal Comfort is a SITIP knitwear with high breathability, excellent shape retention and high resistance to pilling.


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