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Incredible Bike short bibshorts

shipping time 2-5 days

  • made of ultra light and very elastic material from Power Lycra® microfibers, the shorts will adapt perfectly to your body, increasing the effectiveness of your moves by pressing down on the muscles precisely and reducing their vibration, what according to Sport and Medicine Centre University in Pennsylvania (USA) leads to the reduction of muscle tiredness and improving the muscle power by 12% and improving the precision of the moves by 73%
  • its cut, confirmed by long-term tests, guarantees high comfort of use regardless of how intensively you train or how long will the trip that you are planning be
  • highly antibacterial, bioactive and elastic seamless HT-90 insert of a special anatomical profile, divided to zones of four levels of thickness (from 2 up to 8 mm), adapting to the movement of your body eliminating scrapes and skin annoyances
  • permanent imprint, which is strengthened during a special process in the fibres of the fabric, will keep its color and quality forever
  • black, elastic suspenders of antibacterial fibres forming a net structure, perfectly fitting to the body, keep the trousers in place, meanwhile their cut and high breathability make it really easy to forget their presence
  • anti-sliding silicone rubbers in trouser legs in combination with high elasticity of the material of Power Lycra® microfibers assure stable position of trouser legs even during a very intensive training

    * Given functional advantages assume appropriate fitting to the body therefore before choosing the right size it is necessary to get acquainted with the measurements attached to the description of the outfit.


    • during the summer season while the temperature is above 15 °C (59 °F)
    • in case of a sudden drop in temperature use with additional Wear-Gear™ summer trouser legs

* Since everybody senses the temperature individually, given data should be considered as approximate. It is necessary to adapt clothes to one's preferences and actual weather conditions.

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