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We wear shoe covers for various reasons. Sometimes, it's because it's a little chilly out, and other times, we're simply trying to eke out every aerodynamic advantage that we can muster. But, we have to admit that it's increasingly rare to find shoe covers that fulfill both roles. Fortunately, there are Lycra Shoe Covers.

Lycra shoe covers are constructed from the Power Lycra material. More than just an authoritative name, it's also an authoritative fabric. Power Lycra is extremely breathable and aerodynamic. However, the advantages of Power encompass the worlds of support, precise fit, and movement. Basically, this fabric conforms to the shape of your foot to provide the ultimate in aerodynamic advantage. All the while, the material is supporting a light insulation layer that warms on cool days, yet cools on warm days. It's not sorcery, it's just good design.

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