Jacket Vezuvio Zen with thin membrane

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The perfect jacket for cold days.
Made of functional ultralight material Quotaoraz
elastic material Superroubaix to increase breathability.
The model is designed for cyclists who prefer the technique of dressing with layers.
Due to the cut, low weight and material parameters, the jacket can be worn almost all year (autumn-winter-spring).
A functional cycling jacket from BCM. Model R9 is made of ultralight Quota and superroubaix elastic material. The used of membrane  perfectly protects against adverse weather conditions. flexible inserts give a very good fit and unrestricted freedom of movement. The fitted cut provides thermal comfort. A zip on the whole length. An additional layer of material was used under the zipper. The collar for greater comfort was lined with a delicate Gavia scratched material. Sleeves finished with a wide welt, which protects against the cold and ensures that the sleeves do not get tangled while riding. The bottom of the jacket ends with a silicone strap to prevent tucking. Three large pockets are placed on the back. The inside of the membrane has ceramic protection
Thanks to its property, it will be perfect for spring, winter and autumn.

• functional
• provides effective protection - Quota membrane
• inserts made of Superroubaix elastic material
• keeps you warm
• attractive design for people who like to look good regardless of the conditions and circumstances
• breathing well - inserts without a membrane increase ventilation
• increases safety - reflective elements
• fitted cut, waist welt
• will work from autumn through winter to spring
• a stitched collar

QUOTA membrane parameters:
The weight of the jacket in size L: 200 g
breathability up to 38.000 g / m2 / 24h
water resistance: up to 10m water column